Munda Faridkotia (Punjabi)

14-Jun-2019 . 2D Digital

  • Munda Faridkotia (Punjabi)
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Farid is 33, unmarried, happy go lucky man who takes pride in his agricultural lands. Despite immense pressure from his family, he hasn’t gone to Kaneda (Canada) because he is happy in Faridkot. The reason his parents want him to go is because all his cousins, relatives, friends have progressed, gotten married, started families, bought new cars and houses but Farid continues to roam around on his bike like a collegiate with Maddi. Farid’s mom hates Maddi, she thinks he hinders her son’s growth. Maddi is a veterinary doctor and he literally eats, sleeps and breathes animals. He can’t think beyond animals. He behaves like one too. One fine afternoon, Farid’s mother attends a kitty party where the neighbourhood ladies mock Farid’s objectionable proximity with Maddi. Farid’s mom laughs it off at that point but comes home livid only to beat up the two boys. She immediately arranges for Farid to go to Kaneda to pursue an alliance set up by relatives but Farid becomes cranky at the very mention of leaving Faridkot. Its been so in the past too, he just never leaves Faridkot to live elsewhere. However, this time his mom blackmails him emotionally. She says she’d quit eating meals and stop her diabetes medicines if he doesn’t honour her decision. Farid hurls out of the house to discuss with Maddi but before that he makes a quick visit to the dargah. He has been doing this since birth without fail. A disheartened Farid, for the first time, folds his hands in prayer at the dargah and makes a wish (he’s never had to wish for anything so far). Maddi starts sobbing at the news of Farid leaving Faridkot and they both sit down to drink at a highway theka (liquor shop). They drink and dance the night away recalling good times wondering what lies ahead. Next morning, Farid wakes up to the sound of azaan (call for morning prayer) from the dargah and proceeds towards it following his morning ritual. His heavy eyes and spinning head tells him of the volumes he drank last night and he also prepares himself to get beaten up by his mother who would have stayed up all night to open the door for him. He continues to rub his eyes to locate the entrance. Farid’s eyelids stop batting as he stands aghast amidst the devotees going in and coming out. The dargah’s entrance which was engraved in Gurmukhi up until last evening has changed into Shahmukhi (a script of Urdu Punjabi prevalent in the olden days). He also notices that men and women around him look and sound different, men aren’t in turbans and women aren’t in salwar suits. He wonders if they drank some cheap liquor or if he’s in a trans or just dead?


Karamjit Anmol - Actor

Roshan Prince - Actor

Rupinder Rupi - Actor

Mandeep Singh Chahal - Director

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